Student Programs
Fostering a community of lifelong learners dedicated to learning today for a better tomorrow.

At UVA Community Health, we believe in the power of education and training. Education equips individuals with knowledge and skills, while training hones those skills for practical application. Together, they empower individuals to achieve their goals, contribute to society, and adapt to an ever-changing world.

​​​​​​​This belief in education and training is the cornerstone of lifelong learning and progress. Whether you are seeking an opportunity to explore different careers throughout our facilities or experiential learning hours towards a certification or degree, we are here for you.

Current Student Opportunities


MA, CNA, LPN, ADN, BSN, MSN, SRNA, Nurse Midwife, NP

Allied Health

Radiology, MLS, MLT, Sonography, OT, PT, Dietetics, Surgical Assisting, PA, MHA and MPH


IPPE, APPE, Pharmacy Tech

Non-Clinical or Clinical Experience

​​​​​​​Getting Started
Active Affiliation Agreement
Before you begin your experiential learning rotation, you will first need to speak with your school/program to ensure that your school/program has an affiliation agreement on file with UVA Community Health.

If we do not have an affiliation agreement on file, please have your school/program contact  to initiate the agreement process.
Submit Rotation Request
Your school or program’s placement coordinator will need to submit a rotation request for your experiential learning experience at the ACEMAPP link below.
Student Requirements
Enrolled in a program/school affiliated with UVA Community Health

Preceptor approval

Complete onboarding requirements in ACEMAPP. All vaccination requirements, background check, and drug screen requirements can be found in your student profile.
Student Onboarding
Once your rotation is approved in ACEMAPP and you have completed all onboarding requirements, you will receive a formal clearance email from Please do not report to any UVA Community Health facilities until you have been cleared.

Note: If you’re a nursing student completing clinical hours with your cohort, please connect with your clinical instructor to verify your clearance status. 

Observation Experience 

​​​​​​​Getting Started

Observation Requirements
  • Observers must request their observation experience 30-45 days prior to its start date.
  • Observations are limited to ​​​​​​​16 – 20 hours.
  • Observers must be at least 16 years old. Please note some areas within the health system require a minimum of 18 years of age. Select hospital units, at their discretion, may choose to limit or not allow observers.
  • Observers may not participate in any patient care.
​​​​​​​Observation Types
Graduate Student Observer - a student in graduate school or planning to attend a graduate program.
Undergraduate Student Observer - a student in an undergraduate program or planning to attend an undergraduate program.
Pre-Secondary Student - a student currently in high school seeking career exploration.
Ineligible for Observation
Students currently enrolled in any health care academic program where observation is required for academic credit, would not be eligible for observation. If you are an active student, please refer to the non-clinical or clinical experience process.
Submit Observer Application
Please visit the link below to submit your observer application. Following approval, you will be prompted to complete a set of requirements in your ACEMAPP profile. You will receive a formal clearance email from  

​​​​​​​Please do not report to any UVA Community Health facilities until you have been cleared.